Practice Fields

Practice fields are now available for your use at the following locations:

- Cedar Creek Public School

- Pipers Glen

The fields are on a first come, first serve basis.  Please email our administrator to book your desired date/time/location.   As well, games will always trump practices, so if there is a game scheduled on a field that you are practicing on, you will need to concede the field in favor of the game. Please use co-operation with other teams looking for practice space as the number of fields is limited.

Please note that the fields at the NDCC are NOT available for practices.

Helpful Links

Videos of the Week


All schedule information can be found on our NEW PowerUp site by clicking the link below. This includes schedules for both the Ayr local league and the Twin Rivers league:

Ayr Minor Soccer Schedule Information

Coaching in Ayr

All coaches in both the Ayr Minor Soccer local league (U8 and under) through to the Twin Rivers League (U10 - U21) are volunteers from our town and the surrounding area.

All coaches are required to have a current clean police check record that can be provided to the Co-Directors of Coaches prior to the start of the season.

Welcome Coaches!

Whether this is your first time coaching soccer, or you're considered a seasoned veteran, this is where you can find relevant information for coaching your team.

Call Up Protocol

The following details outline the protocol for call up use:

1. Contact assigned Coach first
2. Ask which players the coach recommends to call up
3. Once call-ups are chosen, notify coach of who and when.

Ayr Minor Soccer Club 

Canada Soccer Pathway

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Canada Coach Education
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Twin Rivers Soccer
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Soccer Xpert - Soccer Drills
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FIFA Laws of the Game
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