Important Information!

Smoke-Free Ontario Act

Please see the link below for information regarding the new Smoke Free Ontario Act. In accordance with this act, it is now illegal to smoke in and around areas where children play (soccer fields, playgrounds, splash pads etc.)

Smoke Free Ontario Act

Refund Policy

If a refund is requested prior to April 15th, a full refund (less a $10 Administration fee) will be considered, subject to Board approval.  After April 15th, refunds will only be considered for medical reason (and must be accompanied by a Doctor's note).  Refunds for any other reason will not be considered after April 15th.  Any refund approved after April 15th will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.


All schedule information can be found on our NEW PowerUp site by clicking the link below. This includes schedules for both the Ayr local league and the Twin Rivers league:

Ayr Minor Soccer Schedule Information

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Ayr Minor Soccer Club 


​​For those of you wondering, our township staff have up until 4pm to close the fields. If the fields are closed you will be notified right away that the game is cancelled. Otherwise, it is our policy that teams show up ready to play.  If the assigned referee deems the field unsafe, the game is cancelled before it begins.  After play has started, the game is only stopped when lightning is observed on the field.  The referee will then ask that the players and coaches wait 15 - 20 minutes to see if the storm clears and if it does not the game is cancelled.  If the game is still in the first half, it will need to be replayed at a later date and if the second half of the game has already started the score stands.